Sewing Club (April 2020)

Learn the basic steps of using a sewing machine, plus practise sewing seams, darts, fastenings and facings. You will also gain the skills to take body measurements and read a simple pattern. Each term at the club, you can make whatever you want and get the help you need with any project, as there is no set curriculum.

If you are a complete beginner, we have some starter projects (such as a lined tote bag or a zipped cushion cover) that involve learning lots of useful techniques. Our classes cater for all abilities, allowing you to learn and gain inspiration from each other in a friendly and fun environment. If you have your own sewing machine, but are unsure of what it can do, you are welcome to bring it along and learn on it as you go.

If you have your own sewing machine, but a bit unsure of what it can do then you can bring it along and learn on your own machine.

You can make anything! from party bags, children s school costumes or a total furnishing revamp for your home, just let us know your ideas and we will help you achieve them.

If you can not make the January start date, we also have a course starting on 30 April. You will need to bring your own materials, including fabric, cotton etc.

Subject: Sewing
Qualification Type: Leisure
Study Location: Epping Forest Campus

Entry Requirement:

No requirement is needed for this course

Where does it lead:

Other part-time leisure course

Who is the course available for: Adult

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