Level 3 Creative Media Production and Technology (Digital Media) - Year 2

This course has been designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to access and progress to degree level study and employment in the media sector. It provides an opportunity for those who have an interest in media to explore, develop and test their creativity within a qualification structure which is stimulating and demanding and provides a supportive transition from general to more specialised study.

The qualification will provide you with experience in:

  • Characteristics and contexts in creative media production
  • Engaging with an audience in creative media production
  • Preparing for progression in creative media production
  • Specialist study in creative media production
  • Extended project in creative media production

You will be assessed via a Final Major Project which takes place at the end of the course when you are at your best. This large project allows you to demonstrate all the learning that has taken place through completion of the other units. The project is graded Pass, Merit or Distinction and determines the overall qualification grade. The majority of projects on this course will be taught through live briefs.

Reasons to apply: Blue Orange is our very own learning company. We strive to replicate an environment that is close to the UK's creative industries, giving every student the opportunity to develop their skills and form invaluable relationships with clients. Our purpose is to provide students with art, design and media training in an authentic environment helping them become apprentices from our outstanding practice.

Our media students have had the opportunity to meet with professional writers, directors and actors in order to enrich their learning experience. Students take part in on-location shoots and have successfully had their film work publicly screened.

Subject: Art, Design and Media

Qualification Type: Diploma

Study Location: Redbridge Campus

Entry Requirement:

Completion of L3 UAL Diploma in Creative Media Production and Technology

Where does it lead:

Level 5 Pearson BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Creative Media, You will be able to explore a variety of career paths in the design industry or University

Careers Include:

  • Camera Person
  • Film editor
  • Director
  • Director of Photography
  • Producer
  • Scriptwriter
  • Film Crew
  • Radio Technician
  • Radio Producer
  • Animator
  • Digital Publishing
  • App Design

Who is the course available for:


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