16-18 Courses, 16-18: A Levels

Further Maths (A Level)

Course Overview

Entry requirements

GCSE Average Points Score: 5.1, Grade 5 English Language GCSE, Grade 8 Maths GCSE


This is our most prestigious Maths course. You need to be really enthusiastic about Maths, and enjoy hard work, tackling complex problems to fully benefit from studying Further Maths. This course will enhance your understanding of Maths, and give you the skills and confidence needed to take a university degree.

Half of the Further Maths course is pure maths. You will study a number of pure maths topics that are not covered in A Level, such as complex numbers and matrices. Many other pure topics are taken to a more challenging level than in the A Level. For instance, you will use other forms of proof, and use vectors in 3 dimensions instead of 2.

You will have the opportunity to choose up to 3 options for the other half of the course. These all develop the idea of mathematical modelling, using mathematical skills and techniques to solve challenging real-life problems, and evaluating the solutions.

Taking Maths and Further Maths is a strong combination, and both are classed by the top universities as facilitating subjects, which means they will help you progress to competitive courses such as Medicine, Aeronautical Engineering, Physics and Economics as well as to Maths degrees. Many universities will make you a better offer if they see you are studying Further Maths.

We have a lot of experience of supporting learners in taking their Maths further. If you want to progress to a Maths degree we will support you to take STEP papers and prepare for interviews at the best universities.

Further Pure Maths, which includes some topics not covered in the A Level maths course, also takes some A Level topics to a higher level of challenge. In addition, you will choose up to 3 options from the following:

What will I study?

  • Mechanics
  • Statistics
  • Modelling with algorithms
  • Numerical methods
  • Extra pure
  • Further pure with technology

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What Can This Course Lead To

Progress to university, further study or employment.

You can study a maths degree at university, or a degree with a high level of mathematical content, such as Actuarial Science, or Engineering. Some of the most prestigious universities require students to have Further Maths A level in order to study maths

Alternatively, you could go straight into work or an apprenticeship in the financial sector

Further Maths will increase your options in competitive fields such as medicine, science and health, engineering, economics and business

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