16-18 Courses, 16-18: A Levels

Mathematics: Core (Level 3 Certificate) (AS equivalency)

Course Overview

Entry requirements

Enrolment on an A Level programme requires a minimum of 5 GCSEs at grades 9 - 4, including English and maths

Specific criteria for this subject:

  • A minimum average point score of 5.1
  • Maths: Grade 7
  • English: Grade 5

Course information

This course is studied over a two year period and is equivalent to one AS Level. There is no progression to a full A Level. Core Maths enables students to strengthen the mathematical knowledge and skills which they have learnt at GCSE so that they can apply them to the problems which they will encounter in further study, life and employment. Successful completion of the course will be helpful with the Maths content of other A Levels being studied, and in Higher Education.
You can expect to:
  • Tackle problems in realistic contexts that are relevant to your other subjects
  • Cover a wide range of topics
  • Develop wider life skills in the unit on personal finance
Topics studied could include modelling, statistics, finance, working with exponentials, working and gradients, geometry and measures, risk, statistical problem solving and use of technology.
Core Maths is studied with three other A Levels. It would support students’ studies in a large variety of courses. It is particularly beneficial to students in the numeracy development needed for A Level Biology and Chemistry.  It would also combine well with A Levels or Level 3 BTECs in Business, ICT and the Social Sciences.
  • How you are assessed

    100% Exam

  • Why study at NCC?

    Core Maths is a course for those who want to develop their valuable maths skills but are not planning to take A Level Mathematics. The qualification gives students the mathematical skills to tackle problems in a variety of authentic situations.  It allows for the continued development of students’ numerical ability beyond GCSE Mathematics, in a context that supports both their other A Level studies and life skills. The course will give students the knowledge they need to analyse data and present and read numerical information in a variety of different ways.

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What Can This Course Lead To

Progress to university, further study, a higher level apprenticeship or employment.

At the end of the two-year course you will have a qualification with equivalent UCAS points to an AS Level. Universities and employers from many different sectors value Core Maths.  It enables students to show universities and employers that they have continued to develop Maths skills beyond GCSE. Many roles in today's workplace require high levels of budget management and problem-solving skills and even jobs such as a forensics expert or an interior designer use maths in their everyday work.

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