A Level Maths

If you enjoy algebra and want to find out how many different uses it has, then maths is the A-level for you. By studying a combination of Pure Maths, Statistics, and Mechanics, you will have the skills and knowledge to progress to a whole range of careers.

Pure mathematics includes topics that you will have covered in GCSE like algebra, graphs, sequences, and trigonometry, and also new topics that follow on from these, such as logarithms, calculus, and vectors.

Statistics includes working with data from a sample to make inferences about a population, probability calculations, using statistical models, and statistical hypothesis testing.

Throughout the course you will work with a large dataset so that you experience working with real data in the classroom and explore this data using technology.

Mechanics includes the maths that explains how objects move, working with forces, and Newton's Laws of motion. You will learn to explain why something moves in the way that it does, be it a jet engine, a football or a human body

What will I study?

  • Pure Mathematics - Proof, Algebra and functions, Coordinate geometry in the (x, y) plane, Sequences and series, Trigonometry, Exponentials and logarithms, Differentiation, Integration, Numerical methods and Vectors
  • Statistics - Statistical sampling, Data presentation and interpretation, Probability, Statistical distributions and Statistical hypothesis testing
  • Mechanics - Quantities and units in mechanics, Kinematics, Forces and Newtons laws and Moments
Subject: Mathematics
Qualification Type: A Levels
Study Location: Attlee A Level Academy

Entry Requirement:

Grade 6 or above in GCSE Maths, Further interview and assessment may be needed for other qualifications.

Where does it lead:

Go to university to study maths, or a whole range of courses with mathematical content, such as sciences, engineering, accountancy, business, economics, computing, psychology and many others

Maths is useful for careers in health, engineering, finance, education, social science, or anything where a logical mind is an advantage. It is highly valued research shows that people with maths A-level earn more!

Who is the course available for: 16-18

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