A Level Italian

In this course you will learn about the mechanics of Italian, like the vocabulary and how the grammar works, and also how people live and use the language on a daily basis. By taking this course, you will be able to communicate confidently in Italian whether you are on holiday or on a business trip to Italy.

In the first year (AS) you will study four topics. These are: Daily life (families and relationships, eating and drinking, health, transport), Leisure and Entertainment (sport, tourism, leisure activities), Communication and Media (TV, radio, written press, new media), and Education and Training (school and school life, preparing for work, local and national issues).

In the second year you will have another four topics, Society (law and order, integration and exclusion, unemployment), the Environment (recycling, conservation of resources, pollution), Science and Technology (medical progress, scientific advances and technological developments), and Culture (Literature and the arts, political issues, heritage and history).

In the first year your assessment is one exam of 2 and half hours with one section involving listening and writing, and one slightly longer section of reading and writing. The second-year exam lasts for 2 hours, with one section on listening and writing, one on reading and writing, and one on essay writing.

This course will help you build on your language skills, and give you a strong basis for further study. By widening your understanding of other cultures and your ability to communicate with people from all over the world it will greatly enhance your employment prospects.

What will I study?

  • Speaking, listening, reading and writing in Italian
  • Topics relevant to living, working, traveling or studying in Italy
Subject: Italian
Qualification Type: A Levels
Study Location: Tower Hamlets Campus

Entry Requirement:

No specific GCSE requirement but you should be able to speak Italian to the standard expected for GCSE

Where does it lead:

Study Italian on its own and go into teaching, translation or travel and tourism, Combine with business for a successful international business career, Combine in History, World Development,and Politics for courses like international politics

Who is the course available for: 16-18

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