English Language and Literature

This course combines the study of language and literature. You will consider how language works; how it has changed over time; how it is spoken by people, both in real contexts and in books, films, and plays; and how writers use different styles according to different genres and purposes. You will look at many forms of writing: novels, poetry, newspaper and magazine articles, transcripts, short stories, plays and television dramas, and consider why language is used in a certain way and assess its effects.

You will learn to adapt your own writing style for different genres, audiences, and purposes, for example, a radio play, travel writing, teenage magazine articles or even an episode of your favourite TV series. As well as learning aspects of grammar and developing an understanding of appropriate terminology, you will focus on how language and social attitudes have changed over time.

  • How language works
  • How it is spoken by people in real life and in books, films, and plays
  • How to adapt your writing for different genres, audiences, and purposes
  • How language and social attitudes have changed over time
    • Subject: English
      Qualification Type: A Levels
      Study Location: Attlee A Level Academy

Entry Requirement:

Grade 6 or above in GCSE English, You must have at least 5 GCSEs grades 9-4 including English and Maths producing an average point score of 42 and at least one grade 6 in a written subject.

Where does it lead:

University to study Media, Journalism, Marketing and Advertising

Who is the course available for: 16-18

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