A Level Further Mathematics

Studying Further Maths you will build upon knowledge from your GCSE. You will also be expected to be studying AS maths and the topics from AS maths C1 and C2 complement those of FP1 and 2. FP1 introduces complex number, matrix algebra and further series.

Topics such as cartesian coordinates, equations will be examined and further work on sequences and series will take your understanding further including work on the Maclaurin and Taylor series etc. You will develop your mathematical skills to identify and analyse problems, understand and apply your knowledge.

At AS you will also study either a mechanics option or the D1 decision maths option (M2/D1), depending on timetable organisation and whether or not you take M1 at AS Level.

What will I study?

Paper 1: Core Pure Mathematics 1 and Paper 2: Core Pure Mathematics 2 are compulsory. Paper 3: from Option 1 and Paper 4: Option from Option 2.

  • Core Pure Mathematics 1 and Core Pure Mathematics 1 – Proof, Complex numbers, Matrices, Further algebra and functions, Further calculus, Further vectors, Polar coordinates, Hyperbolic functions, Differential equations
  • Option 1 - Further Pure Mathematics 1, Further Statistics 1, Further Mechanics 1 and Decision Mathematics 1
  • Option 2 - Further Pure Mathematics 2, Further Statistics 1, Further Mechanics 1, Decision Mathematics 1, Further Statistics 2, Further Mechanics 2 and Decision Mathematics 2
Subject: Mathematics
Qualification Type: A Levels
Study Location: Attlee A Level Academy

Entry Requirement:

Grade 8 or above in GCSE Maths, Must be taken with A Level Mathematics

Where does it lead:

A2 Level Further Mathematics.

Who is the course available for: 16-18

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