ESOL (Entry Level 1-2)

This course is designed for people who are new to the English language and need a basic introduction to the skills needed for everyday English. The course duration is one year leading to progression on to our Entry Level 3 course. You will develop your Reading, Writing and Communication Skills with other beginner students at a similar level to you. Subject: ESOL
Qualification Type: ESOL
Study Location: Epping Forest Campus
Study Time: Day
Course Duration: 36 weeks

Entry Requirement: There are no formal entry requirements. You will be invited to the College for an informal interview with one of the ESOL tutors. You will also complete an initial diagnostic assessment to ensure the correct programme level for you. If your English is low, please, feel free to bring along someone who can help and support you. Where does it lead:

ESOL Entry Level 3 courses.

Study Days: Timetable dependant
Who is the course available for: 16-18
Course Fees: No fee

Fees Disclaimer: *(Courses offered to 16-18 students are free. Adults(19+) students will have to pay fees subject to their circumstances please enquire at enrolment).

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