Level 1 OCNLR Word Processing - Adult Short Course

If you would like to improve your IT skills for further education or employment opportunities or you want to take on a qualification, which emphasises the development of practical skills, or want to improve own efficiency in using IT applications, this may be a suitable course for you! During this course, you will learn to use at least two of widely used Office applications and that it will give you opportunities to improve your language and employability skills.

You will learn how to:

  • Enter and combine text and other information accurately within word processing documents.
  • Create and modify layout and structures for word processing documents.
  • Use word processing software tools to format and present documents effectively
Subject: Computing
Qualification Type: Certificate
Study Location: Tower Hamlets Campus
Study Time: Daytime
Course Duration: 10 Weeks

Entry Requirement:

You should have basic skills in using computers

Where does it lead:

Progress to a higher-level course, such as ECDL Level 1 or 2; depending on your achievement

Study Days: 2hrs/week
Who is the course available for: Adult
Course Fees: £105.00

Fees Disclaimer: *(Courses offered to 16-18 students are free. Adults(19+) students will have to pay fees subject to their circumstances please enquire at enrolment).

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