Level 1 Introduction to Website software (OCNLR)

Have you ever wondered if you could create a basic website for yourself or a friend or family? Do you want to further improve your IT skills and are already confident in using some Office applications? If the answer is yes, this course may just be suitable for you!. This is a unitized course for anyone who wants to learn the basic concepts of creating a website.

You will learn how to:

  • Plan and create web pages
  • Use website software tools to structure and format web pages.
  • Publish web pages to the Internet or an intranet.
Subject: Computing
Qualification Type: Certificate
Study Location: Tower Hamlets Campus
Study Time: Days
Course Duration: 13 Weeks

Entry Requirement:

You also must have knowledge of using some Office applications and a minimum English level of 1.

Where does it lead:

You can progress to the next level or learn other digital skills. This qualification on itís own may not take you to employment but would create a foundation for a career in Web Design.

Study Days: Wednesdays from 13:30-15:00
Who is the course available for: Adult
Course Fees: £75.00

Fees Disclaimer: *(Courses offered to 16-18 students are free. Adults(19+) students will have to pay fees subject to their circumstances please enquire at enrolment).

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