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Health: Teenage Health and Wellbeing (Entry Level)

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Course Overview

Entry requirements

To be able to access the range of materials and develop your digital skills, you will need L1 in English and Maths as a starting point.


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As a parent and carer of an emerging teenager, do you want to know more about 21st century teenage life?

Do you want to learn new skills to listen, support and nurture your new teenagers?

Upskill your digital skills whilst you explore this vital topic which will cover:

  • What world to teenagers inhabit?
  • How is it different or similar to your experience?
  • What do you need to know more about?
  • Teenage emotional and social pressures?
  • Internet security and social media behaviours?
  • How to stay a secure family unit despite the strain of young peple trying to find their way in the world
  • Assessment Criteria

    There is no formal assessment or exam.

Further Information

You may want to continue your studies by enrolling on a further health or education course, supporting the development of young people in schools and the wider community.

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