Adult Courses

Introduction to Cyber Security

Course Overview

  • Campuses

    Tower Hamlets Campus
  • Qualification

    Adult Courses
  • Subject

    Computing and Digital Industries
  • Schedule

    Monday (Day)
  • Duration

    6 weeks
  • Course Target


Course Fees

*Many adults pay no or low fees, depending on their circumstances.

Entry requirements

Be confident using a computer. Previous knowledge of coding is desirable; however, no prior knowledge of coding is necessary.


Are you interested in learning about Cyber Security?

The Local Government Association estimates that the low carbon workforce will treble by 2030 and that demand for digital skills and transferrable skills such as creativity, critical thinking, interpersonal communication skills and leadership skills will also become more important as technology advances and virtual working becomes a lot more common. Join our Introductory Boot camp to acquire and improve your digital and soft skills.

Cyber security (the average salary for cyber security jobs in the UK is £72,500.)

Further Information

This program will prepare you for a higher-level course, which could lead to careers in Cyber Security, Forensic Computer Analyst, Information Security Analyst, Security Architect, Security Systems Administrator, Software Developer, etc.

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