Important Announcements for all Students

Welcome to all students – new and returning!

Updated Covid guidance

Guidance is changing frequently and we adhere to current Government guidance.

Covid tests

We require all students to test before they come to your first lesson of each half term, and then twice a week using lateral flow tests provided by the college or in the community. Everyone must follow Government guidance regarding self isolation.

If you test positive or need to self isolate please complete this form. You must be logged into your college account to access the form. (It will ask you to upload evidence). Please be aware that self isolation rules change frequently and many people no longer need to self isolate if they are close contacts. This is a helpful website. (links to NHS website)


All students, staff and visitors must wear masks in corridors and communal areas (unless eating or drinking or taking part in certain activities) unless they are exempt. It is no longer compulsory for masks to be worn in classrooms however if a staff members asks you to wear a mask you must do so unless exempt. Updated 20 January 2022.


January exams

Many students are taking exams this month. These include BTEC and CACHE units. Some students will be taking A Level or other mock exams.

Students should check ProPortal for your personalised exams timetable.  Please also refer to any email you have received from the exams team which gives detailed guidance for your exam.

Attendance at exams

It is very important that you make every effort to attend your exam. The only reason you should not attend is if you are ill and/or are required to isolate under current Covid guidelines.

(Many people do not now need to isolate if a family member is positive. See ‘When you do not need to self isolate’ on this link)

Covid tests before exams

Please test with a Lateral Flow Covid test before each exam. If you have a positive Covid result you cannot attend your exam.  You must report this on this link. You must be signed into your student account to access the form, and it will ask you to upload evidence of your positive test. You must report this ON or BEFORE the exam date.  If you need more Lateral Flow tests you can collect them from College.

Masks for exams

In line with national guidance for exams, you will need to wear a mask on arrival to and departure from your exam.
We will not ordinarily expect you to wear a mask during your exam but please be prepared to do so if this is required.

Bring your college ID

Don’t forget, you must take your college ID to all exams. Entry to the exam will be refused if you do not have your ID.

Any questions? 

If you are uncertain about any arrangements for your exams please email:

We wish you every success in your exams.  


New City College is Cashless!

NCC has gone cashless from 1st August 2021.  You can make payment for food and drinks at the College Canteen in one of the following ways:

  • Debit/Credit card
  • ID Card and WisePay Account

To use your ID card to make payment:

  • Find your WisePay login details which have been sent to your college email account. Please ensure that you check your junk emails.
  • Activate your account by using your login details.
  • Top up your account at least 10 minutes before buying any food or drinks at the college.
  • Use your ID card to touch in and make payment at the canteen.
  • Contact Finance at if you have not received the WisePay login details.

You can access the portal through the NCC VLE and here on our website.

You can pre-load your ID card by making an online payment below.


Please make sure you check your ProPortal account for important information about your course. If you have any problems with your account please refer to these guidance notes or email

  • Financial Support

    You can apply online for financial support for your study through PayMyStudent. Links are on ProPortal and further information is available on the VLE under Welfare, Bursary, and Childcare.


  • Mental Health and Wellbeing

    The well-being of our students and staff is of paramount importance to us. New City College recognises that everyone may need support from time to time with their mental health and well-being.

    We have a range of services for students experiencing mental health difficulties and some support is also available outside of the college day. See our mental health & wellbeing page here.

    If you are struggling with your mental health and would like to speak to someone, please email and one of our specialist advisers will be in touch to make an appointment. Alternatively, if you need support outside of college hours you can access support from Togetherall. To join, simply go to Togetherall and sign up under ‘organisation’ with your college e-mail address.

  • COVID home testing

    Home testing COVID kits are available at all college campuses for you to test twice a week. Don’t come to college if you have symptoms or are isolating (please follow guidelines). You must email to let us know.

    If you can, get yourself vaccinated.


  • No Hats, No Headwear

    Please remember that no hats or headwear are allowed on any campus at any time. Please also remember to wear your college ID.

  • Safeguarding

    The safety and security of our students and staff are of paramount importance to us. New City College has a moral duty to promote and safeguard the welfare of its students who are under the age of 18, and vulnerable adults.

    We remain one of the safest colleges in London and the South East. We have full-time safety officers at each campus whose sole task is to keep the site safe and to look out for any possible threats to our students and staff.

    Any student who feels unsafe or who feels there is a threat to their well-being should speak to a member of staff straight away. Information about Safeguarding Officers and how to contact them are visible at each campus. See this page about staying safe at college.

    You can also email