Car Maintenance Skills (Beginners) - April 2020

Course Summary

You will be able to carry out basic safety and maintenance tasks with confidence. You will gain a basic knowledge and understanding of engine lubrication, ignition, cooling, fuelling etc. and transmission inclduing clutch, gearbox, final drive (wheels and tyres, steering, brakes and suspension), lighting and other electrical circuits. Plus pre-MOT checks.

Subject: Vehicle Mechanics
Course Target: Adult
Qualification Type: Leisure
Study Location: Hackney Campus

Where Does It Lead:

Other fun and recreational courses - have a look at our website for more information.

Entry Requirement:

There are no entry requirements.

Course Duration: 10 Weeks
Study Days: Tuesday
Study Time: Evening
Course Fees: £110.00
Fees Disclaimer: *(Courses offered to 16-18 students are free. Adults(19+) students will have to pay fees subject to their circumstances please enquire at enrolment).

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