A Level Chemistry

Course Summary

Chemistry is all about the building blocks of everything around us from an atom of Argon in the atmosphere to all the parts that make you! If you are interested in a career in science, then you need to know that Chemistry is considered the Central Science. It can help you with aspects of both other science disciplines.

Successful completion of A-Level Chemistry demonstrates to employers and universities that you have both the determination to understand a complex subject and the ability to apply a range of higher-order skills. In short, Chemistry will not only increase your understanding of the world around you but also give you access to countless opportunities available in that world.

Over the two years, you will learn about Atomic & Molecular Structures, The Mole, Formulae and Equations, Bonding and Polarity, the Periodic Table, Energetics, Kinetic, Spectroscopy and Chromatography, Chemical Synthesis and Analysis, Equilibria and Acid-Base Redox, Organic Chemistry and Mechanisms, Entropy and Free Energy.

What will I study?

  • Development of practical skills
  • Foundations in chemistry
  • Periodic table & energy
  • Core organic chemistry
  • Physical chemistry and transition elements
  • Organic chemistry and analysis
Subject: Chemistry
Course Target: 16-18
Qualification Type: A Levels
Study Location: Attlee A Level Academy

Where Does It Lead:

Combine with Biology for careers in Pharmacy, Medicine, Drug research and development. Combine with Maths, Design Technology, Electronics, and Physics for careers in engineering and materials science

Entry Requirement:

Grade 6 or above in GCSE Maths, Grade 6 or above in GCSE English, Grade 66 or above in GCSE Double Science or equivalent

Course Duration: 1 Year
Study Days: Monday-Friday
Study Time: Days 9am -4pm
Course Fees: £2225.00
Fees Disclaimer: *(Courses offered to 16-18 students are free. Adults(19+) students will have to pay fees subject to their circumstances please enquire at enrolment).

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