Current Students

Please remember to check your Virtual Learning Environment and your college email for all messages related to your continued online learning and achievement.

If you are already a student with us, don't worry about your progression to your next course at NCC.
We will be in touch soon to discuss and confirm this with you.

Welcome back to your online learning. Please continue to study at home.
We will let you know if and when you should come in to college.

Ongoing support for your teaching and learning

Support is always available for you online, on email and by telephone. Be assured that our staff are here to continue to support you through your courses and qualifications. Your teacher or tutor will be in touch soon about progressing to your next level in September 2020. If you are leaving us this year, your course team will tell you about how you will get your grades, and your next steps.

Please don’t forget, due to Brexit, students who do not have settled status in the UK will need to apply so that you can continue to stay on their course in 2021. See this link for full information.

Important message regarding technical and vocational qualifications

We hope that you are well and that you are engaging in your distance learning. It is really important that whether you are planning to leave us at the end of this academic year or progress with us that you continue with your studies as far as possible by fully engaging with your teachers and completing work set to ensure that you develop the skills you will need for the future.

Students who are planning to continue with us will know that we are carefully monitoring your engagement through the SMART targets on ProMonitor to make sure that you are fully ready for the next level of study at any level.

If you are studying for a GCSE in English or Maths you will already have seen the letter from Ofqual, who are responsible for regulating all exams in England, explaining that you will receive a calculated result. This will also apply for students who were due to be taking an assessment for Functional Skills.

Although, at this time we do not know exactly how grades for vocational and technical qualifications will be awarded (because Ofqual are still working with other relevant organisations to make those decisions) we do know that the grades will be awarded fairly and consistently.

What we also know is that if you are taking a practical qualification that will probably lead eventually directly to an apprenticeship or work e.g. plumbing, bricklaying, hair and beauty, etc then we will need to find a way for you to take your assessment so that you can demonstrate that you are ready to be awarded your qualification and/or progress to the next level. it is important, therefore, that you continue to stay in close contact with your teachers and tutors.

What we also know is that if you are taking qualifications that, like A Levels or GCSEs, are more academic in nature e.g. mainly coursework based with some exams, e.g. BTECs, UAL, OCR qualifications etc then you will be awarded a calculated grade and will not be disadvantaged in any way against those students who are taking GCSEs and BTECs. You will be able to progress to your next step e.g. University or with us, just as you would if you were taking GCSEs or A Levels.

We will update you again when we know more but if you have any concerns then please speak to your tutor.

If you do want to read more about this for yourself, then please click here

Support for students

  • Make sure you know how to log into your campus Virtual Learning Environment, and your college email. This is how your teachers will be setting your work, and receiving your work to mark. Instructions are included in detail here
  • If you are accessing any of our college support services, we will contact you.
  • We understand that the current situation is unsettling. Please visit the VLE for information/hints and tips on how you can manage your well-being and maintain a routine duration this time of social distancing and where to get help. If you feel you would like counselling support or to talk about a mental health issue, please see the information on this page.
  • For students who usually receive a free college meal, we will pay your daily meal allowance straight to your bank account so that you can buy food outside of college during this period.
  • Library Services FAQs

Counselling and Mental Health support are available - please see below for details.

More information about our library services

Q – I have borrowed books from the library and can’t return them. Will I have to pay a fine when I bring them back.
A – No fines will be charged for any books that should have been returned on or after 23rd March. All books are being renewed centrally so you should not receive any email reminders. If you do you can ignore them.

Q – Can I borrow books from the library at Poplar campus as this site is open.
A – Library staff are working from home and following social distancing rules so the library is not open at present. You can access e-books through the library and learning centre pages of the VLE. JISC provide textbooks and non-fiction. For fiction titles use the Browns books for students link.

Q- I can’t find the e-book I want on the VLE. Can you get a copy for me?
A - if you can’t find an ebook we may be able to find it for you. Contact with the title, author and edition of the book you are looking for and she will get back to you.

Q-How do I find out my library account PIN
A - Contact who will send you a PIN.

Q-When the library reopens will it be safe to use library books that have been borrowed by other people.
A - All books returned will be quarantined for the recommended period before being put back on the shelves.

Further message to all students

With the Summer term underway we just wanted to remind you of a few important messages:

  • Stay safe: you are very unlikely to be seriously unwell as a result of COVID-19 but you need to keep your family well by following the guidance from the government and NHS England.
  • Stay focused: For details on your qualifications and assessment click here - the College is going to do everything it can to support you achieving the grades/ qualifications you deserve.
  • Stay ready: employers and universities will still need you to join their workforce or enrol on their courses- everyone will be in the same position as you!
  • Stay ambitious: work on your skills and your courses: when this is over, the opportunities will still be out there - think about how you will show your character and your determination by how you respond to this unusual challenge.
  • Stay calm: it’s natural to get anxious about your future - but there are people around to help you: look at the College website for access to counselling and advice. Talk to your teachers online and make sure we know if you are struggling. This uncertainty is not great but you’re not in this alone.
  • Stay positive: most of you will have a place at College next year if you want one - we have set out our basic criteria (see website) and will be looking at every individual in the weeks ahead to make sure we get our offer right.


Progression criteria

For students wishing to progress to the next level of their course, you must:

  • Have good attendance before 11th March 2020.
  • Have a clear disciplinary record - or one that demonstrates you have tried to improve in a year.
  • Have evidence of staying focused on your work during the COVID-19 closure period.
  • We will also look at your achievement so far/ predicted success.
  • We will look at individual cases outside of this criteria.

Student Survey

Please take a couple of minutes to provide us with your feedback, to let us know how you are getting on with the distance learning mode and the various systems we have in place.
Student Survey Form


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The New City College Hope Fund

Do you need emergency financial support as a direct result of COVID-19? Or are you involved in charitable or voluntary activities in response to the COVID-19 outbreak?.

Click here for more information.

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