Learner Feedback

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I am currently studying Awareness of Mental Health (this has been all online due to Covid) and last year I studied Understanding Data Protection and Security.

I had and am having a very good experience with both courses. The material is well written and simplifies complex ideas; the questions are broken down so that they only ever require a few sentences at most to answer making it manageable and not overwhelming.

The tutors have always been very helpful, polite, approachable, and they respond in good time.

I am really grateful that I found distance learning courses and I will continue to use New City College to complete my courses as I have had an overall positive experience. I would and have recommended these courses to friends of mine and 2 of them are currently completing courses.

Thank you.

Kayleigh, British Telecommunications

Thank you!

I enjoyed doing the first course, so I asked to do a second one. I like how it is structured and I also found the online form easy to fill too.

Overall, I’m happy with the whole experience.

Samin, Art Director

I have successfully completed the free distance learning course on Equality and Diversity and am currently awaiting the results of my study of the second course in Awareness of Mental Health Problems.

I have found both courses very interesting and relevant to today’s workplace and home environments.

The first course was mostly book-based, but the second one was 100% internet-based. I understand they will all be internet-based from now on.

The texts have been easy to follow and full of useful e-mail addresses to follow up for further information.

The staff, have been very helpful and quick to follow up on any e-mail queries I raised.

The Certificate qualifications will be very useful to give my CV an extra boost in the marketplace.

I completely recommend the New City College free distance learning courses.

I now intend to begin one on Principles of Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities.

Paul, Level 2 Certificate in Awareness of Mental Health Problems