16-18 Courses

Level 1 BTEC Introduction to Art, Design and Media

Course Overview

  • Campuses

    Epping Forest Campus, Hackney Campus, Redbridge Campus, Tower Hamlets Campus
  • Qualification

    16-18 Courses
  • Subject

    Art, Design and Media
  • Schedule

    Timetable Dependant (Day)
  • Duration

    36 Weeks
  • Age


Course Fees

No fees

Entry requirements

  • Entry criteria vary based on your subject.  For many courses you will need to show an ability of the required skills.
  • Strong preference for evidence of own art & design work if no previous study experience of art
  • Topics

    The Creative Arts / Design Industry is actually one of the largest sectors of the UK economy and has been the fastest growing in the last 10 years (Dept. of Culture Media Sport (DCMS) data)

    Our broad Art & Design programmes allow you to explore a wide variety of materials, techniques and processes used in art and design.?You will explore 3D design, ceramics, fine art, photography and graphics, and you will work in both traditionally and using digital media. The programme will allow you to specialise in areas of choice or interest that will help you with your personal progression aspirations as either a traditional artist or a designer.

    The Art & Design programmes are delivered in a?spacious, open-plan studio complex. Facilities include a variety of print making areas, a dedicated 3D?workshop, ceramics and plaster rooms, a darkroom for black and white printing and studio for photography. Throughout the spaces there are Apple Mac computer areas, and specialist books and resources. Our tutors all have relevant experience of industry bringing a wide range of experience and expertise to the programmes.

    Working for our retail learning company Indigo you will contribute towards the production of artwork, 3D, artefacts or graphics work for sale. Working with local companies through our learning company gives you the opportunity to develop your professional portfolio and produce real outcomes for the public consumer.?You are encouraged to think with an entrepreneurial mind and consider how you could sell your products or begin a creative business venture.?

    Course Content

    New BTEC L1 Introductory Diploma in Art & Design - continuously assessed (NO exams!).

    This is a highly practical studio-based one-year programme, designed to give learners the opportunities to practise developing key transferrable and progression skills in relation to both Art & Design and Creative Media.  Work includes traditional Art & Design, plus use of camera and IT-based design.  

    On completion learners will have developed a set of transferable and sector skills that will benefit them whatever their chosen progression route. The transferable skills covered in the units are summarised as follows:  

    • Communication
    • Working with others
    • Problem solving
    • Managing information
    • Self-management and development

    A range of Mandatory Units and Optional Units are available, covering opportunities to:

    • carry out practical tasks
    • present information gathered
    • keep working logbooks, records and reflective journals
    • practise English and mathematical skills
    • take part in oral or written presentations
    • take part in role play, interviews and other activities.

    Further information

  • Level 2 BTEC Diploma in Art and Design
  • Level 2 BTEC Diploma in Creative Media
  • Explore career paths in creative industries
  • Select your campus option to apply

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