Students' Success During Lockdown

Students continue to stay engaged as the College transitions to online learning

As we are getting used to a new way of online teaching and learning, our School of Health Sciences and Social Care have developed a new incentive for students.

The following students are receiving an accolade, because they have engaged extremely well with online learning and the submission of assignments.

Congratulations to:

  • Chideria, for achieving a distinction for completion of her unit on Public Health;
  • Samirah, for submitting work towards Working in the Health Sector, and Public Health. Samira has also gained a merit in her Safeguarding Children unit.
  • Nellie, for gaining a Merit in her Safeguarding Children unit.
  • Ceyda, for gaining a Distinction in her Safeguarding Children unit.
  • Alliyha, for passing her Safeguarding Children unit with a Merit.
  • Ceyda, submitting work towards Working in the Health Sector unit and gaining a Distinction in her Safeguarding Children unit.
  • Lia, for submitting her Public Health work and gaining a distinction for her Safeguarding Children unit.

These students will be receiving an individually designed chocolate bar in the post from their tutor.

Thank you to Cafe au Chocolat in Tewkesbury for going above and beyond, to help us reward our students with these fabulous individually designed chocolate bars.

You may question why we are not using / supporting a shop local to our campus – simple answer, this fabulous independent business is local to the Senior Curriculum Manager who has been receiving a personal service since lock down

April Virtual cooking competition winners

Congratulations to Victoria Holguin Mosquera and Krzysztof Kulinski - our winners of last month's rice dish virtual cooking competition!

Our virtual cooking competition provides all our hospitality and catering students the chance to develop their skills and their confidence in lockdown. Victoria Impressed judges with her king prawn vegetable rice and Krzyszrof with his Lockdown Vegetable Rice.

Thanks to all our Hospitality and catering students from Hackney and Redbridge campuses for taking part in the Rice Dish Cooking Competition.

Tony Pecoraro, Hospitality and Culinary Arts lecturer said “I've been impressed by the dedication, commitment and outstanding cooking skills displayed by all our students in the cooking competition”

Creative Cooking competition under lockdown keeps students engaged

Aspiring chefs at our Rouge restaurant were tasked with creating pasta dishes to encourage positivity amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The cookery competition was a great way for student chefs to showcase their fantastic cooking, budgeting and time management skills.

Students battled it out by cooking amazing pasta dishes to impress judges from our Hospitality and Culinary Arts department. Congratulations to Nathan lines for wining our first ever online cooking competition with his Pandelli pasta dish. He is currently studying a level 2 NVQ Diploma in Hospitality Services.

Nathan Lines said “It is very encouraging to have these competitions to engage in during the lockdown period, the support from tutors and the college has been incredible”

Tony Pecoraro, Hospitality and Culinary Arts lecturer said “Congratulations to all students for taking part and setting such a high standard. It is really great for students to get involved in competitions like this, they get so much out of it and I hope they will continue working on their culinary skills during this lockdown”

Our award-winning Rouge restaurant and kitchen creates a professional and inclusive environment that emphasises employer engagement and creates learning programmes that are dynamic and highly relevant. As well as providing invaluable insight and inspiration for building a career within the hospitality industry.

Student shout outs

The current COVID-19 situation has meant that our students are experiencing a big transition, however there are several students that have embraced remote learning exceptionally.

We are so proud of the following students for leading by example during this difficult time, well done to:

  • Riyadhul – being a role model to all students and demonstrating a brilliant level of understanding and skills whilst learning at home.
  • Sumaya– showing remarkable resilience and has developed positive professional approach to her online learning.
  • Maria– Demonstrating excellent organisational skills and really developed her communication skills.
  • Zak– His journey through the Access programme has been amazing and has acted as an excellent role model to other students by sharing the information gained from his qualification.
  • Tasnia– remaining engaged with her course, despite challenging conditions.
  • Anisa– Has showed continued motivation during the change to online learning.
  • Benji– Continued determination to complete units for the qualification from home and has stayed fully engaged with his course.
  • Cindy– Amazing work throughout Easter, proving she is truly an independent learner.
  • Sulaiman - Highlighted by Michelle Stultz, Senior Curriculum Manager for Construction and Technical Services at Tower Hamlets College, as being a High Performing Student. Having took part in the Easter Quiz, came one of the TOP TWO students in the whole department.
  • Khalad - Highlighted by Michelle Stultz, Senior Curriculum Manager for Construction and Technical Services at Tower Hamlets College, as being a High Performing Student. Having took part in the Easter Quiz, came one of the TOP TWO students students in the whole department.'

Even more victories for the New City College Basketball Academy!

After an incredible unbeaten regular season, students from the New City College Basketball Team have a lot to celebrate about!

Basketball students bask in the glory after winning this season’s Academy Basketball League (Eastern Conference)! This weekly competition thoroughly supports the needs of potential elite athletes by giving them the opportunity to test their skills during the academic calendar.

The Academy Basketball League is an invitation only competition that comprises of 30 teams, split into four conferences:

  • East
  • West
  • North
  • South

Not only did the team win the Eastern Conference, but they were one of 16 teams that progressed to the National Playoffs where they battled their way to the finals! But unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the final was cancelled.

Successfully competing in these competitions garnered regional awards for three of our students! Sports student Abdul Maliq Oke successfully made the Eastern Conference second team, whilst Lanre Ayinla and Moses Gordon made the Eastern Conference first team!

If that wasn’t enough, Moses has been awarded with Defensive Player of The Year for his overall stats in rebounds, steals and blocks! He was voted by the coaches of every other team in the league.

Coach Billy Marsden says:

“I could not be prouder of this team, the progress made this season is remarkable, each individual player on this team has brought something different and it was a recipe for success. The players receiving the National honours are just the tip of this very large iceberg. This year has truly been a team effort. Taking nothing away from Maliq, Moses and Lanre, their performance this year has been nothing but inspirational to their team mates, they have left a lasting legacy at this college. I would like to thank Head Coach, Andre Lockhart (London Lions Player) for his outstanding commitment with our ABL team this year, his attention to detail has pushed our athletes to the next level this season. Very excited to see what he brings next seasons”

Poems and posters for our NHS

Our ESOL students have been creating some beautiful poems and posters to be sent to the Barts Health NHS Trust, part of Royal London Hospital. Our ESOL programme focuses on teaching English as a second language, so writing for these posters and poems is great practice.|

Take a look at some of their lovely creations…

Congratulations all, and good luck for the future!

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