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Students helping to make London safe

Students at New City College are getting involved with a great new initiative to tackle issues around youth safety and the relationship between young people and the police. The scheme has been launched with University College London and Citizens UK Hackney, with the aim of training and empowering students to influence a well-researched approach to tackling knife crime across the UK. NCC students are passionate about London's youth safety problem, as well as considering how relationships can be improved between the Police and young people. New City College is keen to focus on these important issues and students are always extremely keen to get involved with initiatives such as this.

Georgette Ume-Ezeoke, President of New City College Hackney's Student Union, said:

Events like this are so important. The police have a crucial job to keep us all safe and we as young people need to work with them. My big hope is that this unique project will help young people and the police work better with each other to solve this big problem.

Dr Artemis Skarlatidou, Senior Research Associate and Principal Investigator of the project at University College London, said:

It is our responsibility as a community to fully support each other and especially young people to feel safe again and improve the quality of their lives. This project is unique because it places communities right at the centre. What it is exciting is that we are aiming at empowering young people to not only participate, but actually lead the debate of identifying potential prevention strategies and mitigation measures, which can further help re-establish and improve their trust in policing.

Froi Legaspi, Community Organiser at Citizens UK Hackney, said about the scheme:

I am excited to be working with such a passionate group of students at New City College Hackney. It's absolutely vital that young people have a role in making London safe for us all.

Students helping to make London safe