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Wonkey Wallets wins

Earlier this month students from New City College Tower Hamlets campus produced hand-made wallets with block lining to avoid clashing cards when using Oyster Cards, called 'Wonkey Wallets'. This was part of the Young Enterprise programme, which aims to teach young people how to be young entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The team were then entered into the Young Enterprise 'Company of the Year', East London, competition and won the 'Best Presentation award!' watch their video, following the creation of their 'wonkey wallets'.

The judges comments included

  • * We loved that the product was sustainable by using environmentally friendly material
  • * 'Wonkey Wallets' had the best trade stand showing a good example of engaging customers and face to face selling
  • * A very engaging video.
  • * We really liked the product and think there is defiantly a place for it on that market.

Congratulations to the 'Wonkey Wallets' team!

Wonkey Wallets wins