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Huge demand for college places as the UK economy recovers

To avoid the mistakes of past recessions, the Association of Colleges is urging the government to focus on skills to get the most at risk 764,000 people back into secure work

The coming months and years will see an increased demand for college places as people rush to update their skills alongside young people catching up on lost learning at schools during lockdown.

We advise you to get your college application in now, to secure your place.

'Rebuild: a skills led recovery plan', published by the Association of Colleges today, calls for:

  • * Guaranteed high quality, education or training place for every 16 to 18 year old, funded to meet their needs and the learning lost
  • * A suite of work focused training programmes, including expanded traineeships and apprenticeships designed to get young people into jobs as soon as they become available. This should include a comprehensive bursary system and incentives for employers
  • * Support for adults who lose their jobs to train or retrain flexibly up to higher level technical / professional level, aimed at getting them back into the workforce as quickly as possible, with additional training to manage their transition once back in work.

The plan has calculated that a national £3.6 billion package would help the 760,000 people most at risk of suffering economically in this recession.

Huge demand for college places as the UK economy recovers