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Redbridge campus welcomes back science students!

We are excited to welcome back science students to complete important practicals for the academic year. We have been busy making some changes to our campus to ensure the safety of all students and staff. Social distancing measures are in place across our teaching and study spaces and facilities on campus. You can have a look at the campus in it's new form here.

Returning Science students on campus were pleased with the decision and were engaged in a series of practicals including a microbiology experiment. Students worked with bacteria and identified them by staining the cell walls with coloured stains. They then used the flame from a Bunsen burner to stop the bacteria from being contaminated by the surrounding area.

Akhtarm Abubaker a Level 3 Diploma in Applied Science said

"I am enjoying returning to college again and the opportunity to catch up on practical work, which we have all missed during the lockdown. I believe the college has put excellent measures in place to keep us all safe".

Louise Wells, Senior curriculum manager said

"We have had positive engagement with students and aim to ensure that no student will be disadvantaged due to the unprecedented situation".

Whatever your scientific interests, you will gain relevant practical knowledge in biology, chemistry, physics and maths as appropriate to your career aim in our BTEC science courses. Your story starts here. Apply now to secure your place.

Redbridge campus welcomes back science students!