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NCC Hackney media student's film airs on Channel 4

A film by talented young media student Nazeerah Muhammed from New City College Hackney, has been showcased on Channel 4's Random Acts late night film show.

Presenter Zawe Ashton introduces the moving short film Swipe: Being a teenager has always been hard but it's harder today with the omnipresence of digital vortexes. "Swipe" - directed, written and acted by our youngest Random Acts filmmaker 16 year old Nazeerah Muhammed is a look at the disorientation that growing up in close proximity to these crazy vortexes can bring.

Watch Nazeerah's film Swipe

Nazeerah created her film as part of the On Track Certificate in Media Production course at New City College's Hackney campus. Her film attracted significant grant funding that allowed Nazeerah to get it produced to a professional standard.

Filmed with a green screen and on location, Swipe sees Nazeerah sitting alone in an armchair swiping through varied backdrops, relating the viewer to the magnitude of social media and mass media. She explains: "It shows that social media or even just the internet can draw you into a whole different world and you might end up somewhere you didn't expect."

SPACE runs Stop Play Record as part of an initiative led by the ICA, and works with 16 - 18 yr olds attending the On Track course at Hackney Community College to devise and make their own films.

NCC Hackney media student's film airs on Channel 4