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New City College supports Colleges Week

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Colleges are an essential element of the country's education system, and are vital in supporting young people and adults to gain skills and qualifications, and in meeting the needs of regional and national skills strategies. However, colleges are significantly under-funded.

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  • From 2009 to 2019, college funding has been cut by around 30%.
  • Investment in young people's education reduces drastically once they turn 16.
  • Reduced investment in adult learning is resulting in 1.8 million fewer adults each year being able to improve their opportunities through education and contribute to local and national skills needs.
  • The value of college staff pay has fallen by over 25% since 2009. College teachers earn on average £7,000 less than school teachers.

This situation is not sustainable and ultimately impacts on individuals, communities, college staff, businesses and the wider economy.

What we are asking the Government for:

New City College's students come from all backgrounds and study at all levels, and the college's staff are dedicated to each individual success. For New City College and others across the country to continue this valuable work, the sector is coming together to ask the Government to increase college funding to sustainable levels. This includes:

  • Increasing the funding rate for 16-19s in education by 5% a year for the next five years and extending the pupil premium (for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds) to benefit post-16 students too.
  • Fully funding a National Retraining Scheme to support adult skills at levels 3-5
  • Introducing a learning entitlement to fund skills training for all adults who have not previously achieved a level 3 qualification
  • Providing immediate exceptional funding ring-fenced for pay, to cover the costs of a fair pay deal for college staff from 2018/19 onwards
  • We are closing our campuses on Wednesday 17 October to give staff and students the time and space to raise awareness of these issues.

    Please help us to spread the word.

New City College supports Colleges Week