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Hold The Front Page As Students Enjoy Work Experience With The Financial Times

It isn't every day that students get a chance to work at one of the world's greatest newspapers, but that's exactly the opportunity that came the way of three lucky students when they got to spend a week at the Financial Times.

Hussein Dema, Tahmid Ludhi and Muzaffar Karim, who are SEND students at New City College, joined the team at the Financial Times as part of a supported internship.

The college's SEND teaching team helped to arrange the placement to give the students' a chance to experience the working environment and to meet new people.

During the week-long internship, they had the opportunity to work in different departments at the Financial Times, and learnt how a national newspaper works from top to bottom.

Hussein Dema, from Redbridge, said:

It was the best time of my life. I have learnt lots of things and the atmosphere was always fun and it was really awesome to meet and communicate with other staff

They got to work as junior journalists, create their own newspaper, including choosing a name, research and write their own news stories as well as getting to shadow and speak with senior staff including the Chief Commercial Officer, Global Head of advertising and the Head of Diversity.

A spokesperson for New City College said:

We are very grateful to the Financial Times for creating such a wonderful work experience for the students.

They have all gained new skills, great networks and learnt what it is like to work in a large organisation.

They also had the chance to work in the newsroom, beside busy journalists, helping them prepare questions for interviews and also with the advertising team, helping them to create adverts to appear in the newspaper.

Hold The Front Page As Students Enjoy Work Experience With The Financial Times