Leading construction companies promise apprenticeship opportunities to keen and aspiring construction students

Big players from the construction industry attended an event at New City College - Tower Hamlets, to speak to students and parents about the many roles and opportunities available in the construction and engineering industry.

Companies including Keepmoat and Ballymore gave talks on the multitude of developments and large projects planned for London, with the aim of inspiring students and making parents aware that the construction industry is thriving with many opportunities available for students.

There is a misconception linked to the construction industry by some that it is not the best career to pursue if you are looking for a success; however, the event highlighted that construction is an industry of many financially rewarding opportunities available in most areas, whether project management or something more practical.

The event included three former students who went onto a pre-apprenticeship programme with Ballymore and managed to place themselves onto an apprenticeship with them after their programme. The students spoke to students and parents to share their experience of the apprenticeship route, and explained what it is like to work in the industry.

The senior project manager from Ballymore promised to give an apprenticeship to one learner looking to pursue a career in site management next May, and Keepmoat also gave a promise of apprenticeships and are offering work experience for students ages 16.

Vivien Bish-Bedeau, Senior Curriculum Manager of Construction and Engineering spoke about the event:

"It was great to inform students and parents about the vast number of possibilities available in the construction and engineering industry. We hope it motivates them all to work hard to make a future for themselves. Many thanks to all the staff for working so hard to put the event together."

Another similar event is to follow soon with even more employers. The objective is to sign up more opportunities for work experience to bring more opportunities for the learners.