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Performing Arts Students Walk The Catwalk At London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is one of the most popular fashion shows of the year, so the opportunity to attend and model at it was a dream come true for two of New City College Epping Forest's performing arts students.

Connie enjoyed work experience at the event and took part in four modelling shows, which gave her a fantastic insight into the fashion world, whilst Jazmin had work experience with the leading international fashion house Burberry and modelled in their autumn/winter 2020 shows.

Both opportunities provided an insight into how these students are learning on their performing arts courses at New City College, is transferrable into the world of fashion and modelling, where creating a performance is the most important aspect.

They are taught how to create moods, themes, sketching out how they envisage playing a role. This training was brought to the fore when they took part in the fashion shows.

Connie said: I realised from my time of acting and piecing together performances where I research topics, and produce mood boards to express feelings a character may be feeling etc. is very similar to how a model has to express themselves as they walk the catwalk.

It also gave the students experience of the reality of the performing world, so they came away better informed and prepared for their next steps as the start work in the industry.

Phil Hall, Deputy Principal, Epping Forest campus said:

We are incredibly grateful to London Fashion Week and Burberry for giving our students this amazing opportunity. Fashion is all about performance and creating a mood and the students will learnt a great deal from this which they can explore further in their performance training.

Performing Arts Students Walk The Catwalk At London Fashion Week