School of Administration and Office Support

Leaving school and not sure what you want to do? Not interested in BTEC or A Levels? Then look no further, we may have the perfect course for you that offers the skills employers are looking for.

About Administration and Office Support

Whether you want to work in retail/customer service, public services, healthcare, hospitality or the travel industry, the Diploma in Administration and Office Support will give you the all-around, invaluable, interpersonal skills you need that you can transfer to the career/job of your choice.

Level 2 Diploma in Administration and Office Support will teach you the basic skills in Word, Presentations, Email, and Internet of which are required in most industries. Alongside this, you will learn about Customer service, Events management, Warehouse and distribution and Office/Stationery stock and supplies.

Want to take your career further? Are you looking to move up the ladder into Team leadership or management?

Then you may wish to progress onto our Level 3 Diploma in Administration and Office Support, where you will learn advanced industry skills in Word, Presentation, Email, and Internet, alongside Project management, Innovation and change in a business environment, Budgeting, and the Principles of Customer service delivery.

So, don’t sit on the fence, get ahead of the competition and gain those lifelong skills that could help you to achieve your dream job.

Careers & Salaries

Careers in administration and office support include: