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1. Membership

The committee shall consist of the Principal and four other members of the Corporation (not including staff or student members). The chair shall be elected on a biennial basis. The Principal cannot be elected as chair.

The Director to the Corporation shall be in attendance and be responsible for:

  • advising the committee on matters in relation to the Instruments and Articles of Government and other associated regulations;
  • taking the minutes of the meetings.

2. Meetings

The committee shall meet termly or as required.

The quorum for meetings of the committee shall be three members of the committee.

Outcomes of the committee meetings will be reported to the next scheduled meeting of the Corporation.

3. The Role of the Committee

The role of the committee is as follows:       

  1. To consider and make recommendations to the Corporation on matters of governance;
  2. To consider and advise the Corporation on the composition and balance of the Corporation;
  3. To be responsible for nominating and determining the process for selecting candidates to be recommended for appointment to the Corporation and Committees;
  4. To monitor and advise the Corporation on its operational effectiveness;
  5. To develop and recommend to the Corporation policies and procedures for:
    • The induction of Corporation members
    • The appraisal of Corporation members
    • The training of Corporation members

4. Financial limitations

The committee has no delegated financial powers.

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