Search and Governance Committee

Purpose of the Committee

The Committee is responsible for the oversight of Board membership and good governance.

The Committee advises the Corporation on the appointment and re-appointment of Members, taking into account the success of individual Member appointments and the needs of the Board. The Committee considers the balance of skills, experience and knowledge required for the Board to carry out its duties and carries out succession planning in relation to the Chair and Vice-Chair. The Committee also monitors the diversity profile of the Board and makes recommendations where appropriate.

The Committee has oversight for the training and development of Members, including induction, required training such as Safeguarding and Prevent, and the ongoing development of Members.

Terms of Reference

Search Committee Terms of Reference

Members of the Committee

  • Marilyn Hawkins (Chair)
  • Diana Murray
  • Gerry McDonald
  • Neil Yeomans
  • Rob Hull

Dates of Meetings

  • 13th October 2020
  • 23rd February 2021
  • 29th June 2021