Aspirations Programme

This is course is for adults with special educational needs and or disabilities you will learn to develop confidence, independence and work-skills. Student timetables are tailored to meet their needs and all sessions are taught by experienced specialist teachers. Our courses are formed around the Department for Education preparing for adulthood curriculum to enable students of all levels to move forward in their learning and skills.

You can choose from a variety of subjects and pathways for up to two full days of education. We have single session lessons (either a morning or afternoon) in: Cooking, Sports, ICT, Maths, Music, Gardening and Art.

Our pathways can be combined with the standalone modules. Pathways are between one to two full days and focus on 5 keys areas:

Employability Pathway: Work experience job hunting skills preparation for work.

Independent Living Skills: Working with time and money looking after yourself and your home healthy eating.

Healthy Living: Sport in the community healthy eating and lifestyle.

Cafe Programme - catering pathway: Cooking and serving food shopping meal planning.

Enterprise and work skills: Art, making a product, and customer service.

Subject: Foundation Learning SEND
Qualification Type: SEND
Study Location: Tower Hamlets Campus

Entry Requirement:

No formal entry requirements

Where does it lead:

Other SEND courses or work placement

Who is the course available for:

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