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The Life Skills programme core aim is to gain independence through practical activities and enterprise. The Life Skills course is a course for  young people with a range of learning difficulties who are likely to have high support needs on entry and will develop the skills to become more independent as the progress through the course. The course will prepare students for adulthood by enabling them to gain the maximum possible degree of independence in their daily lives. With enterprise projects and young men's and young women's groups, students will build the confidence that they need to develop skills for work, in the community, independent living and self-care.

There will be overall SLT support and opportunities to take part in social communication sessions to build positive relationships with others. Students will be working towards E1 or E1/2 level. The duration of the course is up to three years pending funding. Students are assessed using a detailed baseline assessment that enables them to have individualised targets to work towards in relation to their EHCP.

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Dates Schedule Max. fee if paid
Start: 02/09/2024
End: 04/07/2025
Mon to Thu (09:30 - 15:00)
Dates Schedule Max. fee if paid
Start: 02/09/2024
End: 04/07/2025
Wed to Fri (09:15 - 15:00)<BR>or Mon to Fri (09:15 - 15:00)

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