Safeguarding at NCC

Safeguarding is about keeping our students safe, both inside and outside of college. New City College is committed to safeguarding and student safety.

We remain one of the safest colleges in London and the South East. We have full-time safety officers at each campus whose sole task is to keep the site safe and to look out for any possible threats to our students and staff.

Any student who feels unsafe or who feels there is a threat to their well-being should speak to a member of staff straight away. Posters showing Safeguarding Officers and how to contact them are visible at each campus.

The college also has a statutory duty to report disclosures of allegations of abuse/radicalisation.

You can read our college-wide Safeguarding and Prevent policy here

If you are an NCC student and you feel unsafe or would like to tell us about a safeguarding concern, email:

If you are a social worker or other professional and would like to contact us about an individual in your care, do not use the keepsafe email address. You must please contact the relevant campus safeguarding lead.

For details of the safeguarding teams at our campuses, please see the details below: