Support At Tower Hamlets

We have a strong network of advice and support at the college:

Course Advisors

Course advisors are on hand to give advice and guidance on courses to external applicants and to existing students. They also attend external school and community events and are available at open days, advice and interview sessions, and during enrolment.

Personal Tutors

Personal tutors are assigned to all students at New City College, Tower Hamlets, and will work closely with the student to set challenging targets and to support them in reaching their potential.

Student Advisors

Our student advisors give advice on finance, bursaries, legal matters, benefits, immigration, and other welfare and personal issues. They can also advise on childcare support.

We have professional business mentors from companies based in Canary Wharf including KPMG and Clifford Chance.


Our confidential counselling service is there to help students through difficult times such as relationship difficulties, family issues, depression and any other personal circumstances that are emotionally difficult and may interfere with learning.

Students can contact the counsellor Tamanna Ali at or by telephone (confidential voicemail) on 020 7536 5713.

Mental Health Support

We offer practical on course support for students experiencing mental health difficulties to support success. This support can include;

  • A confidential chat with a specialist mental health adviser
  • Exploring reasonable adjustments
  • Regular support throughout their learning journey
  • Liaising and consulting with relevant College staff/external agencies
  • Information and access to local mental health services
  • Developing strategies to manage the demands of college life

Please note this is not a counselling service, if a student requires counselling please contact the counsellor on your campus.

Contact our Mental Health Advisers.

Sarah Chatten

Monday and Thursday – 0207 510 7611

Peer Mentoring

New students are allocated a ‘friend’ from their course and from among continuing learners to help them settle in and find their way.


Our mentoring programme is designed to help students realise their potential through ongoing support, advice and encouragement of a role model. We have professional business mentors from companies based in Canary Wharf including KPMG and Clifford Chance.

Bursary Schemes

Funds are allocated to students needing support with materials and other educational costs. These include the 16-18 bursary, the college’s 19+ bursary and the bursary for students taking out an advanced learning loan. We also provide free school meals for eligible students.

Additional Learning Support (ALS)

Our ALS team will help students to succeed and is open to all students at the college. Support can include in-class support, small group sessions, 1:1 support, drop-in support in our Learning Zone at our campus in Poplar and special exam arrangements. The team carry out assessments for all support needs including dyslexia, as requested. You can contact the team at