Supported Internships

Supported internships enable you to access trained, enthusiastic employees at no cost to yourself. Break down barriers to employing people with disabilities, with full support, whilst developing a diverse and positive workforce.

We will work with you to support disabled people aged 16-25 get into paid employment. This hands-on 12-month training programme is based mainly on the workplace. The programme ensures both the employer and intern are fully supported to ensure a positive experience for all.

Watch our video about the Supported Internship below

Why Should You Host A Supported Internship Programme?

For an average business, 20% of your customers are disabled people. A workforce that reflects the diverse range of customers its serves, and the community in which it is based, is beneficial for businesses. Working alongside a young person with a (learning) disability can increase your organisation’s understanding of your market. Furthermore, there is evidence that taking on someone with a (learning) disability can increase staff retention and reduce absenteeism.

What Do We Need From You, The Employer?

Getting the right young person into the right job role with the right employer is crucial for the success of an internship, but we’re here to help. We will work with you to identify a job role that fulfils a real business need for your organisation, and ensure that the right person is matched to the job role for the supported internship programme.

You will need to provide effective line management and supervision of the intern as you would other employees, but we would provide the support to help you do so.

The fresh perspective many young people bring can result in unexpected benefits for your business. In order to take advantage of new ideas and opportunities, a young person can bring to your organisation.

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