Multiply — how this FREE numbers course could change your life

Multiply — how this FREE numbers course could change your life

In a world driven by numbers, knowledge of basic maths is a fundamental skill that opens doors to countless opportunities. The government, recognising the growing significance of numeracy in our daily lives, has launched an innovative initiative called Multiply, aimed at helping adults brush up on their numbers skills.

Whether you need help in managing your bills, preparing for life in the UK, cooking on a budget or want to support your child with their maths homework, Multiply, the new numeracy confidence course, can help.

What is Multiply?

Multiply is the government’s new programme to help adults who do not already have a GCSE at a grade C (or equivalent) in maths to improve their numeracy confidence and help with everyday life.

Where can I study Multiply?

Multiply courses are available at all New City College campuses with daytime and evening options, meaning learners will be able to study at a time and a place that best suits them.

Those on the Multiply course can expect to discover how to manage finances, support family learning and build on the foundations of their maths knowledge.

Who is the course available to?

These FREE 15-hour courses are available to adults aged 19+ who do not already have a GCSE at grade C in maths. Learners must also have a London postcode to enrol onto this course.

What are the benefits of Multiply?

Maths is often perceived as a subject primarily for academic pursuits during school years. However, the truth is that numeracy skills play a vital role in our daily lives, from keeping track of spending, bank accounts and credit cards, to weighing out ingredients for a new recipe — it’s an essential skill.

For many adults, past experiences with maths may have filled them with a sense of dread or a lack of confidence in their abilities. Studying Multiply at New City College will help learners boost their numeracy confidence by providing a supportive and encouraging learning environment.

With small class sizes and tailored learning, this course will enable adults to overcome maths anxiety and help build an understanding of the subject.

Unlock new horizons, grasp control of your finances and enhance your confidence in maths to gain valuable skills that will positively impact both your personal and professional life.

Find out more and apply here.