Time to Talk – and how a small conversation can make a big difference

Time to Talk – and how a small conversation can make a big difference

The college community came together to take part in the nation’s biggest mental health conversation – Time to Talk Day.

Students and staff took time to reflect, talk and listen to each other in the hope of changing people’s lives.

The event, held on February 3, was marked at all NCC campuses with the focus on having small conversations which have the power to make a big difference.

Students could join in making keyrings, badges and bunting to raise awareness and support one another’s mental health. They could pick up information and freebies and find out about celebrities who have spoken out about their own mental health issues.

Across the different campuses, there were stalls for students with interactive activities, drop-in sessions, tutorials, mental health quizzes and also Step Up workshops where they could explore low moods, body image and anxiety – and talk about what could be done to help.

Staff were offered workshops on their own wellbeing and a masterclass which explored effective strategies on how to support learners with mental health issues, particularly anxiety and panic attacks.

There were also sessions for staff on the benefits of Togetherall, which is an extensive online mental health resource, and how it can be useful for everyone as it can be accessed outside of the college day.

Ella, pictured above, a student at Havering Sixth Form in Hornchurch, said: “This day is important because there needs to be more awareness of mental health. There are a lot of pressures on teenagers with things like exams, social media and falling out with friends. It’s good for students to know that there is always someone to talk to about their problems, however big or small.”