Introduction to Using Email

The qualifications helps to equip learners with the IT user skills needed for full participation in employment and society. IT User Skills units can be used in a range of situations and can be taken by learners, so that the learner can accumulate credits achieved towards a full IT User Skills qualification.

The OCNLR suite of IT User Skills qualifications is aimed at all learners who may be using computers in their work, study, home or community. Unemployed and those seeking work Nine out of 10 new jobs require people with IT user skills. Operating a computer and being able to use the internet and a word processor are essential skills for work as well as for life.

The IT User Skills qualifications can be used to develop a tailored work preparation package, alongside other units such as those from the OCNLR Progression Qualifications, to properly prepare the jobseeker for a positive return to work.

What Will I Study?

Use e-mail software tools to send and compose messages.

  • Use software tools to compose e-mail messages.
  • Attach a file to an e-mail message.
  • Send and receive e-mail messages using appropriate tools.
  • Identify how to stay safe and respect others when using e-mail.

Manage incoming email.

  • Follow guidelines and procedures for using e-mail.
  • Identify when to respond to e-mail messages.
  • Read and respond to e-mail messages.
  • Store email messages appropriately for future use.

Respond to common problems when using e-mail.

  • Respond to common e-mail problems.
  • Identify where to get expert advice to solve a problem
Subject: Basic IT
Qualification Type: Certificate
Study Location: Tower Hamlets Campus

Entry Requirement:

You should have basic skills in using computers

Where does it lead:

You can accumulate credits towards a Level 1 or 2 IT User Skills qualification. The suite of OCNLR IT User Skills qualifications enables you to progress to employment, to further learning opportunities within OCN London Qualification.

You can gain units that are gained in a practical context and contribute to the achievement of a full ITQ qualification. The use of units from different levels through a ‘spiky profile’ will allow you to build on your learning in preparation for moving on to the next level of the qualification suite.

Course Fees: £40.00
Who is the course available for: Adult

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