Teesside University Yellow Bus visit

13 February 2024

The Teesside University London team is currently on a UK tour. Their vibrant American School bus made stops at various New City College campuses including Ardleigh Green, Havering Six Form and Epping.

During the tour, students had the opportunity to learn more about university life and the diverse range of courses offered at Teesside University London. The Teesside team was there to offer general advice and guidance on essential aspects like the application process, crafting personal statements, understanding student finance, securing accommodation, and navigating various aspects of university life. Students were asked to bring a draft copy of their statement on the day to receive some feedback from the team.

In addition to informative sessions, students were able to engage in various activities, including exploring the digital realm through virtual reality headsets, experimenting with Sphero programmable robots, and trying their luck at winning £100 by spinning the wheel.