CSCS skills cards soon to be invalid

More than 60,000 CSCS industry skills cards issued under Industry Accreditation (IA) aka ‘Grandfather Rights’ are set to be banned on 31st December 2024 and cannot be renewed.

CSCS stopped issuing new cards on the strength of an employer recommendation / Grandfather Rights in 2015. However, over 60,000 existing cards have continued to be renewed.

The Construction Leadership Council’s drive for a fully trained and competent workforce includes the end of all CSCS Industry Accreditation cards issued from 1st January 2020.

Previously, IA allowed experienced workers to obtain CSCS cards on the strength of an employer recommendation rather than the achievement of a recognised qualification. Now, as of the end of next year, those industry accreditation (IA) cards will become invalid. Meaning that all CSCS cards will only be issued if the holder has or is in the process of gaining a recognised NVQ qualification.

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If you are a little confused about all the changes and what the NVQ qualification means, here is a quick FAQ to help

Will I have to do the NVQ again to renew my CSCS card?

No, NVQs are generally lifelong qualifications. They do not need to be completed again once you have completed them the first time.

Would I need to take time off work?

No, NVQs are completed in the workplace, however, you will need to set aside some time to spend with an assessor, planning the assessment and feeding back their assessment of your evidence and/or work.

Will it take a year or more to complete the NVQ?

No, it shouldn’t take more than a year. The qualification can be achieved in a minimum of 14 weeks, but the average is usually between 6 and 12 months from registration through to receiving your certificate. The time taken will depend on the availability of evidence, for example, a manager with numerous years’ experience could complete it in a shorter period of time, whereas an inexperienced candidate will take more time to gather the required evidence — no two cases are the same.

Do I have to go back to college to complete my assessment?

No, this assessment can be completed in the workplace and remotely. The process should be relatively simple and there are many ways to show evidence of your competence, including: A Professional Discussion, Knowledge Evidence Questions, Reflective Accounts, Witness Testimonies (confirming previous workplace activities undertaken), Product Evidence, (such as minutes of meetings, RAMS, products of work) and Observations.

Will it be expensive?

The cost is set by individual providers, but as experienced workers are unlikely to need any upskilling or training, the assessment-only route provides a quicker and simpler way to achievement. Also CITB grants are available to support CITB registered employers achieve recognised qualifications. To further support employers during this time, a number of CITB grants will receive enhanced funding. To find out about the CITB grants available and enhanced funding please visit the CITB website regarding grants.

Can I renew my CSCS card if it expires between now and 31st December 2024?

Cards can still be renewed if their expiry date is prior to June 30th 2024. However, the renewed card will expire on December 31st 2024. Any CSCS card with an expiry date of July 1st 2024 onwards cannot be renewed.

Can I get CITB grants for an S/NVQ if I am self-employed?

CITB grants can only be paid to employers that are registered with CITB. If you are self-employed and working on a contractor’s site which is registered with CITB, you should speak to the contractor about enrolling you on an S/NVQ and they can claim the funding upon your achievement of the qualification. Contractors should check funding eligibility with CITB before enrolment.