Exam Results Summer 2022

Results can be accessed from your NCC ProPortal account

GCSE and BTEC Level 2 Results

GCSE and BTEC Level 2 Results will be available on ProPortal from 8:30am on Thursday 25th August where they are available.  A statement of results will be available on your Proportal account from around Midday (GCSE results only).

SOME students may experience a delay with your BTEC result. If your result isn’t immediately available we will contact you when it is released from the awarding body, Pearson. This will not affect your progression with us. If you are due to progress to level 3 at New City College we have a record of the work you have done!

Instructions on how to access your results are available here: Accessing Results on ProPortal 21-22.  Check you can access your ProPortal account well in advance of your results day.   If you have forgotten your password or are unable to log into ProPortal refer to section 1 of the instructions: Accessing Results on ProPortal 21-22.

All other results will be available on ProPortal as and when released by the Awarding bodies.  There are no set dates for the release of these results so check ProPortal regularly.

Important note for BTEC Level 3 students

Late BTEC results are still coming through from the awarding body, so do continue to check your ProPortal. 

If your result is delayed from Pearson, UCAS recommends that you contact your university of choice directly and ask them to hold your place. We recommend that you do this.

There is a national issue affecting the release of some BTEC results from the awarding body (Pearson). We are uploading results manually to ProPortal as we get them. Affected students have been notified by email to your college email address with more detail.

Update on the national BTEC results issue:

Pearson has issued an apology to students. Affected students may contact Pearson on 0345 618 0440. Pearson have offered to contact universities on behalf of affected students to ask that they hold places until full results can be released. (We know that this helpline is very busy.)

  • Universities and UCAS are very are of these issues and will support students to secure their places.
  • New City College is in regular contact with the awarding body to do all that we can to help to resolve this issue.
  • More results will be seen on ProPortal on Monday 22 August.


GCSE and A Level certificates

GCSE and A level certificates will be dispatched to your home address in December. Other qualification certificates will be sent to your home address as and when received from the awarding bodies.  You will receive an email to notify you when your certificate will be dispatched.  Please keep the college updated with any changes to your home or email address by emailing MIS@ncclondon.ac.uk


Clearing and UCAS

  • UCAS applicants who have not met the conditions of their Firm First Choice or Insurance Choice.
  • UCAS applicants who no longer wish to take up their Confirmed place, because they have done better than predicted or just changed their mind.

You can release yourself into Clearing by clicking the Decline My Place button in your UCAS Hub. If you do this, you will lose your Confirmed place and cannot change your mind later. UCAS does have warnings on Track to make UCAS applicants aware of this.

If you need any support with Clearing or have any UCAS enquiries, email careers@ncclondon.ac.uk to get in touch with our team of Careers Advisers.

Post Results Support

If you are unhappy with your results and would like to request a Post Results Service please click on the appropriate link below for further information:


If you would like to get in touch with our careers advisers to discuss your next steps, contact careers@ncclondon.ac.uk

If you need support with your wellbeing and mental health, email mentalhealthwellbeing@ncclondon.ac.uk. Or for out of hours / 24 hour support you can access our mental health partner Togetherall. You can register with your NCC student ID in the box that says “I’m from a university or college”.