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Information for students regarding financial support

Advanced Learner Loan

If you are aged 19 and over and looking to fund your course for the 2021-22 academic year, you can with the Advanced Learner Loan. These Government loans are available to students for eligible Further Education courses at Levels 3 and above. This will not affect your entitlement to full funding for your First Full Level 3 qualification for those aged 19 to 23.

The Advanced Learner Loan will be available to students aged 19 and over starting eligible Further Education courses in September 2021 onwards. You can apply for the loan from 28th June 2021. Before making your decision to take a loan, we recommend you visit the Money Advice Service website for independent advice.

Download the Advanced Learner Loan Factsheet here.


Qualifying for an Advanced Learner Loan depends on your course, college or training provider, age and nationality or residency status. You can find information about the eligibility criteria, interest and repayments by clicking this link: Advanced Learner Loan

The loan is easy to apply for, your household income is not considered and it does not involve a credit check. If your course is eligible, the loan will fund your tuition fees at Level 3 and above, including HE Access courses. You only start to pay back the loan once you have finished your course and you are earning over £25,000 per year. Until then you do not need to start paying back the loan but you can make voluntary repayments at any time.

Whether you are a parent returning to work, a job seeker looking to enhance your employment prospects, or you are thinking about a career change, there is a New City College course that is right for you, and the financial help to get you started.

How to Apply

If you decide to apply for the loan you will need a learning and funding information letter to be able to complete the online application. You will receive this letter following your offer of a place on the course. You will need a National Insurance number to complete your loan application and a valid passport if you have one.

Click here to Begin Your Loan Application

If you are studying a degree course, do not apply for the Advanced Learner Loan. Please see information on applying for Higher Education funding by clicking this link: Student Finance

Advanced Learner Loan Bursary Fund

Students in hardship may be eligible for financial support in the form of a bursary payment. Bursaries are paid subject to having 90% attendance to lessons. Financial support with essential kit/uniform, books and childcare fees are also considered. Students must be in receipt of a means tested benefit such as:

Income Based Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support, Pension Credit with the Guarantee element, Universal Credit, Child or Working Tax Credit or Income Related Employment Support Allowance. Students’ income must be under £21,000 gross per year. Evidence of income will be required. Students must also have an approved Advanced Learner Loan before financial support can be given.

19+ Adult Bursary


Students aged 19 and over studying a minimum of 4 hours a week may be eligible for a bursary payment. The fund is here to support learners with maintenance, materials, stationary including books and other educational costs if they are in receipt of a means tested benefit such as:

  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Pension Credit with Guarantee element
  • Universal Credit
  • Child or Working Tax Credit
  • Income Related Employment Support Allowance.

Students who are employed must have an income of less than £21,000 gross per year. Evidence of income will be required

Students must also meet the residency criteria set by the Education and Funding Agency to be eligible for a bursary.

Eligible students can apply for an Adult Bursary, the amount awarded is dependent on the number of applications received, the funding available and the hours per week the student attends lessons. Payment of the bursary is subject to 90% attendance for full payment.

Financial support with essential Kits/Uniforms, books and childcare costs will also be considered at the student’s request.

The bursary application form will be online and can be found on the student intranet (VLE). Students need to log in to their student account where there will be a link to apply for the bursary via Pay My Student. Complete the application form and upload evidence of benefits/household income before submitting the application. The application will be assessed for eligibility for the bursary and any essential equipment, kit/uniform or childcare support.

Students will receive confirmation of the outcome on their student email and can log into Pay My Student to see the outcome of their application.

All financial support is subject to available funding and is not guaranteed.

Contact our Advice Team

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