Governance Structure

The Corporation & its Governance Structure

The New City College Corporation is made up of 17 independent members from the local and business communities, along with two staff and two student members from the College and the Group Principal & Chief Executive. The Corporation is also often referred to or described as the Corporation Board or Board. 

The Board has in place what can be described as a conventional governance structure having established Committee structure to support it and to ensure that it is effective in discharging its responsibilities, comprising:

  • Audit Committee
  • Curriculum, Quality & Students Committee
  • Remuneration Committee
  • Finance & General Purposes Committee
  • Search Committee
  • Property Committee

Each Committee has Terms of Reference setting out its remit, all of which are aligned with the responsibilities set out by the Instrument & Articles of Government. Committee business is structured on that basis.

Our Board Members

  • Rob Hull
  • Steve Hedges (staff governor)
  • Gerry McDonald (Group Principal & CEO)
  • Gareth Wall
  • Vivien Bailey
  • Diana Murray
  • Marilyn Hawkins
  • Nikki Makinwa
  • Lutfey Siddiqi
  • Niel Yeomans
  • Cynthia Griffin
  • Stephen Critoph
  • Marina Antoniou
  • Richard Bint
  • Dawn Samwell
  • Malcolm O'Brien

Co-opted Committee memberships:

  • Thana Nathan (Audit)
  • Neal Hunt (Property)
  • Cormac McCrann (Property)