Help and Support

The libraries have a number of online and physical resources to assist students with their academic writing and study skills

  • English and study skills

    We stock a wide range of resources that provide guidance on essay planning and writing, note-taking, critical thinking, research skills and research methods, mind-mapping and presentation skills. To see what is available click here.

    In addition, the library team deliver tutorials on research, referencing and academic offences.

    NB. Requires login to the VLE for current students only

  • Assistive technology

    The learning resources centres  have a variety of items of  technology available to assist users in making the best of our facilities including:

    • Variable Height Workstations
    • Braille Transcription service
    • Magnifying Sheets for reading small print.
    • Coloured Acetate sheets for people with dyslexia.
    • Keyboard with large keys and trackball mouse to aid computer users who need help with fine motor skills.
    • Longer book loans can be given to people who have dyslexia or other statemented needs.
    • Access to RNIB Bookshare for additional texts in audio or machine readable formats for students with a visual or specific learning difficulty.

    Please ask for more information or if you have other requirements.

  • Turnitin

    Turnitin is the college’s similarity-checking software of choice. It allows the user to check their work against published information, as well as previously submitted work, thereby ensuring that all work submitted for assessment has been correctly referenced within the guidelines.

    Staff mark assessments from students at levels 4 to 7 using Turnitin and feedback is given to students via this medium.

    Further guidance on the use of Turnitin will be provided in tutorial sessions and training slides are available on the college’s virtual learning environment here.

    NB. Requires login to the VLE for current students only

  • Academic offences

    Both the college and awarding bodies take Academic Offences very seriously. Such offences include amongst others plagiarism, collusion, commissioning and duplication.

    Students may be penalised if found to have committed these or other listed offences.

    Further guidance is available as follows:

    In addition, the library team offers tutorials on the avoidance of academic offences.

  • Renew your library books

    Students may renew books etc. in person, by phone or online, provided that they have not been reserved by another borrower.

    Contact your campus library for phone renewals or the relevant campus for online renewals:

    • You can renew your books by logging in to your online account here [User ID and PIN required].
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