Sustainability in New City College

NCC recognise the local, national and global impact our colleges are colleges can make; as such environmental awareness is integrated into our campuses and curriculum. We are passionate about preparing our learners for the future and have blended vocational, academic and environmental skills into the everyday practices of our colleges to ensure to raise student and staff awareness whilst becoming a beacon of best practice.

  • How are NCC reducing their impact on the local environment?

    • Introducing composting & food waste collection for bio gas across all campuses
    • We are looking to removing single use items and replacing with compostable ones
    • Removed plastic water bottles and replaced with fountains
    • All old cooking oil is donated to power London taxis
    • We have introduced of Too Good To Go app
    • All cutlery and water cups at college canteens are made of compostable vegware
    • AND There is a 10p discount on hot drinks purchased at Costa/ Starbucks if you bring your own reusable cup
  • How are NCC saving energy?

    • We close campuses in holidays to save energy
    • We are exploring solar options
    • We have a net zero target 2050
    • We are completing energy audits to improving our college buildings for better energy efficiency
  • How are NCC helping local wildlife?

    • We have just begun the hedgehog friendly campus accreditation
    • increasing wild flower and fauna biodiversity on all campuses
    • In March we planted 105 wildwood trees,
    • Introduction of Meat free Mondays
  • How are NCC raising awareness?

    • We have started Carbon Literacy training rolled out across group
    • All curriculum leaders are looking into integrating environmental education in all curriculum offers
    • Community outreach through tree planting events

Green Gallery

NCC pledges for a greener future