Apprenticeship Assessment Centres and how to make a good impression

Apprenticeship Assessment Centres and how to make a good impression

Student Muttee Mirza blogs about his experience of an Apprenticeship Assessment Centre


Another experience added to the collection. A trip to Morden in south London to attend the Apprenticeship Assessment Centre for Merton Borough Council’s South London Legal Partnership scheme. And it was a day not to forget!

My word, time flew by like a fly. Initially myself and all the other candidates were welcomed and seated in the Council Assembly (see photo below) and honestly it felt like I was an MP sitting in Parliament or some other legislative body!

The day was jam-packed, filled with Q&A sessions – which gave us the opportunity to learn more about the housing legal practice – an interesting tour around the operating floor, and it ended with some practical and written exercises.

The written task required candidates to draft an email as if they were a paralegal at the council addressing a tenant in regards to potential possession of the leased property after the tenant failed to pay £2,000 in rent because of being made redundant.

Meanwhile, the practical exercise required us to debate in groups and discuss what the key factors were in a case scenario regarding a woman failing to comply with the statutory obligation to allow annual gas safety checks at her home.

It was encouraging to see that the other candidates were from all different backgrounds and had travelled from across London to attend the Assessment Centre. I felt it was a positive sign that these types of opportunities are being made available to all and not just focussed on one specific place or group of people.

Like my previous observations of work experience days I have attended, this Assessment Centre experience at Merton Borough Council was extremely interesting and there was such a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. I was even fortunate enough to connect with some of the lawyers who worked there as well.

My advice to all young people who are maybe a bit nervous about attending an Apprenticeship Assessment Centre is this:

  • Utilise every opportunity you are given and just be yourself. Life is a bumpy ride and there will be many ups and downs, but we mustn’t forget that to compromise our personalities will never be the solution to any of our problems.
  • Don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed of your background, personal features or appearance. These events are your time to shine. Most people in the room are feeling exactly the same as you are.
  • And finally, there is no such thing as a silly question. Just tell yourself that the question you are asking is the exact same question that other people wanted to know the answer to. That will give you the confidence you need.

The whole day was a wonderful, pleasant, and memorable experience, one which I hope to use to inform others and motivate them in their pursuit of an apprenticeship or a job.

Even if I don’t get that specific apprenticeship with Merton Borough Council, I will be proud of the performance I gave to even reach that stage and attend the Assessment Centre.

I have to end by thanking all the teachers at New City College who have played such a great part in my overall journey throughout my study of A Levels. I am aiming to finish college on a high, regardless of the Apprenticeship outcome!

Muttee Mirza


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New City College student Muttee Mirza gives advice and tips on attending an Apprenticeship Assessment Centre for Merton Borough Council's South London Legal Partnership in Morden.