Doctor’s insightful seminar for Medics students

Doctor’s insightful seminar for Medics students

Sixth form students aiming for a career in Medicine attended an insightful and interesting seminar run by an NHS doctor.

Dr Sade Adu ran the session with A Level students who are all part of the Medics group at New City College Havering Sixth Form in Wingletye Lane, Hornchurch.

The seminar gave the students an idea of what a day in the life of a doctor is like, as well as tips on applying to medical school, and the different career pathways open to them with a degree in Medicine.

Dr Adu told the students about her background – how she trained to become a GP and what her typical day involves. She also answered their queries about medical school, grades, work experience and interviews in a Q&A at the end.

She told the group: “It is hard work but a very rewarding career. You should do your research but keep your options open. Your training will build your clinical knowledge and skills, but you must be prepared for lots of admin too.”

The students took part in some interactive activities where they were given doctor and patient scenarios and had to discuss and diagnose the patient’s condition from the symptoms given, as well as suggest other investigations and treatment.

Medics tutor Gursewa Harrad said: “We were very lucky to have this opportunity where a working doctor gave up their time and came in to college to give invaluable advice to our students. A huge thanks to Dr Adu for this.

“The activities brought a different twist to classroom learning and the students found the whole seminar extremely useful, giving them an interesting insight into medicine and what it involves.”

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