Esports students are victorious in their first ever tournament games

Esports students are victorious in their first ever tournament games

Students on the new, exciting Esports course at New City College entered their first ever tournament – and won the opening games with crushing victories against their competitors.

Eight students from Tower Hamlets and Redbridge campuses made up the NCC Phoenix team to play games against other colleges in Overwatch 2 and Rocket League in the British Esports Association Student Champs tournament.

Held in the specially designed, futuristic Esports room at Redbridge campus, the games enabled the students’ skills to shine through in impressive wins, beating the Frensham Heights Hornets by a total of 25 goals to 1, over 3 games in Rocket League and beating the ACE Saints team 9 matches, over 3 games in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch Team Leader, student Niko Banton, said: “Thanks to our effective communication and strong team chemistry, we were so pleased to secure a victory against our opponents in these games. Our primary focus now will be enhancing our performance so that we can progress in the tournament.”

Rocket League Team Leader, Ontor Haque, added: “Although we suffered a defeat in a prior match to the tournament, the setback did not dampen our spirits. Instead, it fuelled our motivation to enhance our performance, which ultimately led to this convincing victory for us.”

Teacher Russell Hasnat praised the students for their commitment to the Esports course, saying: “I am absolutely thrilled with the incredible success we’ve achieved so far! Our students have wholeheartedly immersed themselves into the course and have worked as teams to secure these emphatic victories.”

The tournament requires teams to play 5 rounds with the top teams going through to the next stage.

The British Esports Student Champs features some of the biggest and most popular Esports games available, including League of Legends, Valorant, Overwatch 2 and Rocket League. It is the UK’s largest amateur grassroots tournament for students aged 12 and over.

Last year there were over 5,000 students from more than 200 schools and colleges who competed. The grand final was watched by a live audience and had 250,000 online views.

Fixtures for this year’s tournament will take place monthly with the live final at The Arena – a specially built Esports and creative complex which is part of the British National Esports Performance Campus in Sunderland.

Esports is a modern phenomenon that has become a billion-pound business with millions of fans worldwide. There are hundreds of jobs and opportunities on offer – making it a popular course and career choice! Find out about the exciting Esports course at New City College and apply today!